Life’s Best Coincidence

Posted: December 5, 2010 in butterflies, dogs
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(At dog obedience class, a toy alligator waddles by threateningly…)

Silky: “Are you gonna get that?”

Furry Prince: “Naw.  Are you?  I will if you will…”

Me (to Furry Prince): “Don’t even think about it!”

The Furry Prince demonstrating the word "stay".

There’s a reason why the Furry Prince is ranked No. 8 on AKC’s ranks of smartest dogs.  Cos he learns quick as a born fighter pilot takes to the skies.  In fact, he must be the second smartest person in my life to understand all my life’s habits (the first was my Mum).  In fact, he even knows better than I do about my bowel and bladder movements than I do about his.  It must be cos he’s at the toilet faster than I can get there.  He’s in my room faster than I can bring him there and he’s almost out of the door faster than I can get him there.  Only that he doesn’t cos he’s learnt from only two times when I’ve frowned at him that I don’t like him running out of the house away from me on the road or in the carpark.  He goes everywhere I go and he knows where I’m going before I even head there.

The Furry Prince gets a new stuffed toy donut!

And he doesn’t mind that I can’t get him expensive toys or a leather leash and collar.  He accepts everything with wags and kisses and he doesn’t even mind my bad hair days.  He doesn’t make fun of my laugh, my smile and he doesn’t play mind games with me to my detriment.  He doesn’t judge me when I decide to use crate training which involves him being in a crate or harshly put, a cage for hours when I’m away.  He doesn’t make snide remarks about me and say I should be hated, topping even a long time “friend” who quietly pretended not to say anything and then diss me openly in front of other people.  Shows how much better dogs are than certain human beings.  But then the Furry Prince is better than most human beings.  I’m sure.  He patiently teaches me how to teach him and we think that we are the trainers! 

The Furry Prince playing peek a boo at my study table

He’s never impatient, he never loses his temper and he never snaps at me.  He never complains when he goes with me to obedience class, when I bring him to doggie cafes, bring him out for very long walks and bring him out to meet other dogs.  He’s more than the dog accessory to be left at home.  He has needs some of which more important than my free time such as patient professional education, early socialisation, plenty of exercise and interaction.  Something which I don’t understand why some people who say they love dogs don’t get.  He’s incredulously content to stay by my side for hours even on a freed leash while I’m preparing for exams.  Everytime I look at him incredulously still lying there, wandering around my ankles, my study table, playing with his chew toys after 2, 3, 4, 5 hours, he just looks back at me with those bright eyes, ready for me to say that it’s time to go for a walk or that it’s time to play or cuddle.  And even though I sometimes hide his toys, he’ll find them again and bring them straight back to me to stay by my side.  

The Furry Prince and the hammerhead shark have a love hate relationship

Some people believe that dogs are only there for food and shelter and because of their dependence on us.  But the Furry Prince proves them all wrong.  Between a nice dinner and just following me around while I do something boring to tears like cleaning the house, he’d choose the latter.  And many times he’d done that, much to my dismay (and the dismay of Burp!… thought they had the best tasting dog food).  The lengths I’d gone to to make him eat.  I’d even had to feed him once with my fingers.  Anything to make me stay.  And again, the Furry Prince has taught me to “stay!”  When I stopped listening to his commands, he’d had to eat in his crate.  And he’ll flip the empty bowl upside down and jump up and down on it without fail to let me know that he was done (he doesn’t bark to call us.  Unless a stranger is standing outside our door.  The many times the newspaper guy and Mac Donald’s delivery guy jumped out of their skin.)

when he gets bored, he twirls himself multiple times around my ankle and then asks for a belly rub

And it’s 5.49a.m. in the morning and I’d been studying all night and the Furry Prince’s been up refusing to sleep until I’ve gone to bed.  There must be many great things in life that I’ve not yet experienced and may never get to experience but having a friend who surpasses all friends must one of the best things that God has ever given to Man and especially to me.  I sometimes think I must have done something good to have the Furry Prince.  All the choices made by the people who’d gone through that store, all the distance he’d travelled from Australia, of all the littermates, of all the millions of people in Singapore, he was chosen to be mine.

  1. Lauri says:

    This post brings tears of happiness to my eyes. For you AND for him! 🙂

  2. [tig] So happy for both of you, to have found each other 🙂

  3. trailblazer1 says:

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing like a dog. With all their licking, scratching and sometimes hogging the covers in bed, you can’t find a more understanding and forgiving companion. The only poodles I like are Labradoodles or Goldendoodles.
    Love from Me and Max:)

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