Merry Christmas!

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

What do you think of when you think of Christmas?  I think of stir-fried fresh vegetables, fried fish, morning sleep-ins, blurry conversations at the breakfast table and a sense of cold rain falling.

These days, Christmas is still the same, just without the vegetables, fried fish and blurry conversations.  But the rain is always the same.

I love Christmas.  There are always people smiling in any place that you could possibly go to.  Contented, excited, smug, kind, benevolent, innocent and the veiled smile of the sliver moon in the indifferent night sky.

The Furry Prince knows it’s Christmas or any important day that that his Mommy uses as an excuse not to come home early and she puts two giant sticks of treats in his bed.  And then he goes to bed feeling confused.  Until she pops back in again at 3a.m. in the morning all bleary eyed holding a present for him and suddenly all is forgiven and the world is whole again. 

Christmas is like a bunny with a nice patch full of flowering ginger, a dog with a bad memory who has the whole world as his backyard and a person who needed some socks and got 12 pairs of socks from every present that he received.  And nobody really has anything to complain about.  We sit around happy, having the power to change anything and everything, except where the rain chooses to fall, holding our glasses of wine, waiting for midnight, waiting for somebody else to say that the night is over.  

Every year Christmas is different and exciting.  The lights change, the places change and the theme of every large scale decoration down the same roads is never the same.  Forgetting the taste of stir fried vegetables, fried fish and the sound of blurry conversations in the waking moment of a morning sleep-in, every Christmas is always a new one.  No sooner had one glass been emptied, it is magically refilled. trading recollection for a different kind of joy.

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