Papillon’s First Shootout

Posted: January 2, 2011 in butterflies, dogs, papillon
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A Lone Malayan Eggfly

2nd day of the new year and thick into the monsoon period, I thought the butterflies might be random and few.  Having owed the Furry Prince a big debt of numerous walks after spending too much time in one of the worst places on earth (hospital) watching sick people in their beds, I decided I’d better bring him on a mighty long walk before he got bored and peed on every single piece of furniture he could raise his little leg over.

I'm on guard duty! ^*^

This is not my Papillon’s first long walk.  He’s almost an adult but not quite.  But this would be his first baby trek (it is considered one of the easiest treks) that completely drained him of all his puppy energy and promptly set his furry head down to sleep the moment his paws touched the floor of his crate.  The trek took about 2+ hours during which the Furry One frequently stopped to do some heavy weight training.

Monopod? Piece of cake!

I tied him to my monopod when I spotted a Blue Spotted Crow puddling unawares on the stony ground.  Down! Stay! Stay now… Mummy’s gotta get that pretty butterfly in her lens ok? Few seconds later, the butterfly dog was by my side having dragged the monopod with every ounce of puppy power from his tiny 2kg frame.

Papillons are stronger than they look O_O

 OK.  So I decided to try tying him to my whole camera set up, which weighed a few times more than the dog.  I thought there’s no way a small dog like that can drag the entire thing across such terrain.  Again, few seconds later, he had dragged the entire setup a few feet to get to my side, much to the horror of both Canon and myself.  The only weight that he could not drag was the full 7kg of my entire National Geographic bag and its contents which would put it at almost 4 times the bodyweight of my Papillon.

So you think all small dogs are pushovers?  Think again.  Meantime, check out these commercial free videos of how a tiny occasionally annoying Chihuahua gets away with living with a Doberman without getting turned into dog chow:

  1. Aww, the Prince is adorable (and strong, wow!). Hope the people in hospital got better. Happy 2011, may it bring many beautiful butterflies your way!

  2. lauri says:

    Lol at the Furry Prince! He would be by your side no matter what the obstacle! He is a giant spirit!

    I’m glad dad is home and I hope he is doing well!

    • Thanks Lauri! 🙂 Dad is doing well. He doesn’t like the enforced diet though. He had a bad heart attack and had to undergo surgery. We have to watch what he eats like hawks! Terrifying week and all between Christmas and New Year and with everything happening… kinda glad the Furry Prince was by my side. Dogs. LOL! The extent they’d go to to just be by their loved ones’ side!

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