Papillon High Fashion

Posted: January 5, 2011 in butterflies, dogs, papillon
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Front view

What’s there to do if a photographer keeps getting shut indoors with rain falling on all the small windows of available weekends?  Nothing better than snuggling up with your lil Papillon watching the rain streak down the windows over a warm mug of milo.

Side View

And what better thing to do out of boredom than dress up your poor puppy?  But who out there provides nice clothes for dogs without busting your wallet?  Daiso sells doggies clothes, unfortunately mostly for girl dogs, including this nice little blue raincoat whose hood is too small to go properly over the Furry Prince’s perky butterfly ears.  The damage?  TWO DOLLARS.  S$2.  Everything in Daiso sells for $2.  YAY!

I love my new raincoat! Now can I go out and play in the rain?

Still, any more expensive raincoat would still not warrant allowing my little prince out into the storm so he has to contend with jumping up and down and tearing around the house and getting under my feet and making me spill my hot drinks while I amble heavily to the couch.

back view

Such a good looking fella. He’s going to break some doggie hearts when he grows up.

  1. Lauri says:

    Lol! He is the handsomest sweetest beautifullest boy out there! Love the coat! He needs a leetle umbrella over his ears so they don’t get smooshed!

    • LOL! I think he’s getting tired of being photographed. Unfortunately, his owner is stuck at home with him with her camera otherwise he would prefer to hit the trails in the sunshine! 🙂

      • Lauri says:

        Is it still raining there?
        We are getting snow snow snow and cold cold cold! But, that’s ok, it is winter, after all!

        My animals do seem to get tired of my constant photographing, too, but it’s the price they have to pay for being so cute! 🙂

      • Yes. It’s monsoon. But with the freaky weather the past few years, it’s just more intense and frequent storms. It seems nobody is spared from freaky weather.

        LOL!… the daily self sacrificing our pets must do everyday to make their mistresses happy. 😀

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