All Grown Up Little Papillon

Posted: April 28, 2011 in butterflies, dogs, papillon
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My little Papillon is all grown up.  I heard their ears are supposed to slow down so that the rest of the body can catch up but it looks like his ears have continued to grow!  But look how elegant and refined he is now, trotting past the sofa he used to knock into and pee on without any shadow of the childish fluffy puppy that he once was.

Attempting to expose my little dog to as many sights, sounds and experiences, I brought him curling and whining to a crowded beach where he could get some exercise, enjoy the romp in the sand and have small children come up to want to be friends with him.  Since he always looked like he was struggling hard whenever he was in the water, I got him a life jacket for tiny dogs (Chihuahuas and the like) and strapped him in. However, he doesn’t seem to realise that he won’t sink if he stops moving his paws.  In fact, his paws continue to paddle in mid-air even when lifted about a feet off the water.  Occasionally he would jump right into the water with you.  But most times he would just curl near the water’s edge with or without a life jacket on and refuse to get in.

By the by, my little dog is getting prettier everyday and the incidence of people inquiring whether he is a lovely little girl increases.  His black fringes have begun to grow on the flanks of his body under his brown fur, on the start of his tail and around his huge ears.  His hocks have also begun to grow out as with the fur on the chest.  Sadly, however, his little star blazer on his forehead which I loved so much when he was a puppy has disappeared into a thin sliver of white!

  1. Lauri says:

    He is stunning! Isn’t it fun to simply watch them enjoy life?

  2. trailblazer1 says:

    What a great idea – life jacket for your precious one. Only wish our dog didn’t hate the water. How are you, been a long time, Ellen. Hope you are doing well. My best.

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