Seasons of Love

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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2011 passed in a haze of change and decisions.and 6 months flew by since the last time I remembered weekends being full of wanderlust and shoes full of mud.


Photo above: Mating Gram Blues – A rare opportunity to have two pairs of frisky butterflies on the same leaf.

Since then I had not dipped a toe in seawater nor spent an entire weekend traipsing through the forest.  While my muscles waned and my little dog grew fatter, I grew progressively attached to the hobbies of the 45-degree inclined.  Inclined on a pillow, inclined on a couch, inclined in an office chair…that kind of thing.  


Photos above and below: This lined forest skimmer or Cratilla lineata was patrolling a small area similarly inhabited by quite a few Cratilla metallica.  Although slimmer and lacking the larger spots on the wings of the metallica, it is not easy to spot it while it is in-flight amongst its larger cousins.


However, encountering such moments with Nature once again on such rare long weekends over the new year into 2012 brings back reminders of why it would be impossible for any man-made entertainment or indulgence to replace her.


Photo above: Another group of Pseudothemis jorina. Although uncommon, they are usually in numbers more than one when encountered.


Photos above and below: My little dog enjoying the sand, sea and company of other dogs at the beach.


So it’s time to re-embrace the disinclination and restlessness of a girl I once knew, who couldn’t go by without a weekend spent with leaves in her hair and mud on her boots.


  1. trailblazer1 says:

    Missed you and your photos. Please stay vertical and muddy. Much affection from CA

  2. Lauri says:

    I have been missing you, too! So glad you popped in! Hopefully the inspiration to be tromping in the mud and the forest will stay with you!
    Love the pup! *scritches his head*

  3. Thanks Lauri! Thanks CA! Hope you have both been doing well these past months! 🙂

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