Grey Sailors and Skies

Posted: September 10, 2012 in butterflies, macro photography
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A butterfly photographer is oft heard lamenting the harbingers of heavy rain but given that even grey skies and the thunderous threat of lightning have recently delivered no promise of rain, I have been risking time and equipment in the hope of meeting sleepy individuals who would have been normally active at mid-day, like the Common Mormon and the rarely settling Tree Nymph:



Lulled by the cool breeze and the easy sway of the trees, even the normally skittish Chocolate Royal exchanged break neck speed for a quiet moment in the dim sunlight, warming its purple wings.

Chocolate Royal Upperside


A couple of Grey Sailors coupling under the cover of a leaf.


The male was that much smaller than the female.  When disturbed, the female flew a short distance away with the male hanging onto her by its tail.


The Sailors moved their wings up and down in slow meditative fashion.  First the male then the female, the female than the male.

The contemplative couple did not grace me long with their elusive presence, and flitted in uncharacteristic clumsy fashion to the deep cover of the brush, leaving nothing but a couple of great photos!


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