Great Things In Dark Times

Posted: October 8, 2012 in butterflies, macro photography
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A beautiful Dark Posy perching under a dark thunderous sky

During these days bereft of the Singapore Dream, many great things came flooding in to fill the large void.  Unpatterned dreams, untidy happiness, a kind of grimy vindication and purposeful days took the place of sleepless nights and tremulous fear.  These days I’ve been learning to stand up and say no.  Louder.  Angrier.  Unpolitically correct.  Un-nice.

Every dawn is a break of a smile, a hop in my step.  Today and just today, I’ll live for myself and for my petty little big dreams.  The work of my hands once meaningless, now are doubtless and unquestionably delightful.  All the nights spent bleary eyed are worth it.  All the days spent shuffling busily about are joyful industry, a return in itself.


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