I am not the kind of person to wear a big bow on one side of my head.  I’ve recently tried not to lean in on any particular thing or make Vs when I have the hard task of being in a photo.  However, it just so happened that we picked a hotel (Royal Palace) which happened to be smack across the street from where this highly raved, much fantasized about, published-in-tourist-books Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe was situated.  I don’t have to show you the shop front.  Judging from the number of cameras milling out front it seems it would have been shot to death by few years ago.

You can tell how important a person is by the number of portraits of the person on the wall…

To be honest the interior is… not as fantastic as the shop front.  But it WAS themed.

I quickly pulled at the tissue paper! But alas! There was no parts of Hello Kitty to be seen on it… sad… 😦

Since we were there, we thought we’d drop in to share a nice Hello Kitty head (actually a cake) priced at about SGD$10 and a Hello Kitty face (a coffee) but were told by the colourful pink Hello Kitty aproned staff that we had to spend at least NT$600 in total in order to sit in the cafe and eat our cake.  This was in spite of there…. being almost… no one…. in the cafe.  Hmmm…. is it a strategy to keep people from going within the cafe so they don’t have so much cleaning of Hello Kitty paraphernalia and utensils to get to?

The staff unlike all the other places that we’d visited in Taiwan were not as warm and friendly.  It seemed they also sported a rather premium demeanor too.  After all, they served Hello Kitty! Hello? Premium!

I had no doubt the cake decorators were great. I wondered if the baker happened to also specialise only in cake decorations

The cake sets came with a drink, which I thought was mocha.  When I tasted it, I changed my mind and decided it was probably hot chocolate.  But couldn’t understand why somebody would drink thick hot chocolate with thick chocolate cake.  After 3 mouthfuls and trying not to waste it, I decided that maybe the barista was having an off day and dunked syrup instead of milk cos it was waaaay too sweet.

“Drink me… I will give you sugar high… so high… you may feel a bit sick… “

I couldn’t force myself to drink another sip.  And to think I thought I had a sweet tooth.

I think brand premium and pretty decor can probably explain and justify a few things but I just couldn’t accept how bad the cakes were.  I mean… sure, maybe you can say most of the things here are sweet cos that’s why the cafe is called Hello Kitty Sweets but what is this thing?  Is it a cheese pie?  Is it… a cheese cookie?  If it’s a cheese pie, why is it so drrryyy?  If it’s a cheese cookie… I just… don’t know what to think of it.  The chocolate cake in the other set was so ho hum we couldn’t believe it looked so good on the outside.

Maybe it’s because I got spoilt by all the delicious cakes and cafes out there in Taiwan which I can’t get enough of that I find it so difficult to accept the quality of the cakes here.  It doesn’t taste the least bit premium.  I think you would expect some quality from an NT$300 – $400 tea set no?? Maybe… just maybe… it’s a photographer’s cafe and all people really do here is come to take photos.

We contemplated on whether the fake cakes tasted better than their real ones

Perhaps Hello Kitty should just go back to interior decorating and selling cute stuff! 🙂

  1. Lauri says:

    It definitely sounds as if Hello Kitty should stop trying to be edible. Stick to being sickly cute. Haha! Interesting place!

  2. trailblazer1 says:

    Is there a “Hello Puppy” around. This place sounds dreadful.

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