Taiwan: Chuck Your Diet

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Tai Zhong, Taiwan, taiwan butterflies
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I’ve been back from Taiwan for a few days now and I don’t even know where to begin.  First of all, the scenery there is gorgeous.  There are so many innovative varieties of food there you can’t help but wonder how they managed to figure it all out.   I can’t…stop… stuffing…my… face…yet I still lost weight cos I can’t…stop…plying…these…Taiwanese ….streets… just to see what’s around the corner!  On top of that, the prices of skincare in Taiwan is so crazy I spent most of my time gasping in amazement.  What?  Skin79  BB Cream for only $16??? Are you kidding me?  Has anyone managed to create a teleportation device to Taiwan yet?  Why haven’t they?  The SoGos there are ridiculously hot in comparison to the SoSo here…

To help myself from getting carried away, I’m going to narrate according to the photos that I put up so I don’t stumble over myself telling you all the streets and corners and places I went to.  One of the places that I went to was Sun Moon Lake.  Sun Moon Lake is reknown for its scenery but unfortunately it was raining romantically everywhere with a thick mist covering the Sun and the Moon, the islands shaped as thus.  So I indulged in photographing the aquatic residents floating around the harbour and the delicious food on their streets.

Just off the pier of Itta Thao, there is a stall selling tiny little roast chickens.  According to the hawker, these chickens don’t grow big.  The meat is sweet and tender and you’ll appreciate the piping hot sweetness on a cold Autumn day in Sun Moon Lake.  The chinese words are Kao Zu Ji (roast bamboo chicken).

Besides this, there is also a stall selling chicken wings stuffed with glutinous rice.  However, I would say this is just …  so – so…

There is a small stall selling Mochi (starch balls filled with a variety of filling) around these stalls.  In my opinion, these are the best amongst the rest of the stalls and they only cost NT$10 per ball which is like less than 50 cents singapore currency. Nom nom nom.

Moving along moving along… yes we must….or I’ll still be blogging about Taiwan 10 weeks from now.  Next up is Jiu Fen or, literally translated, Nine Portions.  This is a highly commercialised touristy location filled with… tourist stuff, souvenirs… none of which are particularly exciting, excepting for their Hong Zhao Rou Wan (Red Date Meat Balls) and their Almond ice cream popiah (you’ll know the stall when you see a man shaving away at a huge block of peanuts.  They shave away at the block, smatter the shavings onto a bread skin (popiah), dunk two balls of ice cream in there, wrap it up and viola! Ice cream popiah.  It looks like nothing interesting but tastes amazing!! The almond ice cream goes so well with the skin and peanuts.  I didn’t take any photos of the ice cream or the meat ball because I didn’t waste any time between receiving them with my eager hands and stuffing them into my face.  You can’t miss the meat ball.  They are displayed like slimy red spawn balls from the Alien movie all pink and translucent and gooey on the tables of the vendor and then spa-tunk! Into the hot boiling water they go, out they come in a nice soup for you and the taste will blow you away.  There’s no time to get the camera.

Gotta stop raving about the food.  Jiu Fen is a decommissioned mining town.  The town is so old the buildings are particularly interesting and have plenty of character.  Photographers will also love the stepped alleys.  Everybody keeps talking about the stepped alleys.  If you move further away from the shops, you’ll reach the residences.  There are some very pretty Min Su (motels which are basically the homes of local residents there) where you can enjoy the scenery of the ocean.

Before going to Jiu Fen, you should probably drop by Shi Fen (Ten Portions, literally) and Jin Gua Shi (which is the last stop of the shuttle bus that goes from Taipei to this area) so you don’t carry your popiah ice cream, grape juice, sun biscuits, souvenirs all the way down to the spectacular Huang Jing Pu Bu (Gold Waterfall), where the water of the waterfall has been coloured gold by mineral deposits.

We really didn’t go to Taiwan for the sole purpose of food so I can’t probably say for sure if these are the best that Taiwan has to offer (probably not, I have high expectations of Taiwan), but these are some really good food we came across during our time in Taiwan.  Below is a joint in Puli where many Taiwanese frequent.  Argh! I forgot the names of some of these joints.

Here is a non Red Date version of the popular meat ball.  Looks gooey but it really tastes good!

I decided these are such badly taken photos I can’t be bothered to watermark them.  Some of the “non-local” cuisine are pretty good too. Like the breakfast set from Perfume Dance in Sogo basement.  I can’t believe this set is only NT$130.  If only you could make something like this for breakfast, Long John Silvers!  I have no doubt something like this will cost $10 here.  The eggs benedict is sooo divine!

The Sushi place just next door to Royal Palace hotel in Taipei served really crunchy (yum!) sushi at very affordable prices (NT$880 for two people).

My next post… uncharacteristically will be about everything cute and saccharine sweet.  Yeah… so unlike me I know… but still it HAS to be said! 🙂

  1. Lauri says:

    Wow, I would LOVE to visit Taiwan! And now I must find something to eat…I’m starving! Haha!

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