All these years, Madame Butterfly has eluded me, flying perhaps under the similar looking guise of a Colour Sergeant male (cos that’s what she looks like from afar).

The Courtesan

The Courtesan – Euripus nyctelius euploeoides

I went with my partner to look for this particularly elusive butterfly and although she flew by me a few times, I kept thinking she was one of the Sailor butterflies until my partner looked closer and realised she was a Courtesan!mount faber1

Well actually he did much more than that.  He scaled several 60 degree slopes around the site.  No points for guessing which site (hint: Singapore Cable Cars).mount faber 2

And then he slid down an almost 90 degree slope because the Courtesan kept perching out of reach.  He scored himself a tourist photo with one of the tourists at the bottom of the slope looking up in amusement.  Yes this location sees a ton of tourists and yet nobody seems to have noticed one of Singapore’s rarest butterfly!The Courtesan3

Here’s a photo to help you have an idea of exactly how small the butterfly is.The Courtesan2

Yes.  Any man or woman who realises how rare this butterfly is WILL do just about anything to get close to her!

  1. Lauri says:

    This is SO exciting!!! When I spot a bird that I have never seen before I am just ecstatic! This must have made you both so happy!

  2. Lauri says:

    I love how she is perched right beside him!

  3. cynt5525 says:

    Beautiful photo’s !!!! Cynthia

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