Posted: February 15, 2013 in dogs
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Remember my little dog Sam?  He’s going to be 3 in May.Sammie-6

Like most dogs, Sammie was born with a pair of sparkly black eyes.  And he was a perfectly healthy, normal, active occasionally naughty fellow like every other dog that you probably have ever met.

Shortly after Sammie’s second birthday I took him to a park at Lower Pierce Reservoir where I kept him on a leash and we sat on the bench overlooking the reservoir enjoying a quiet evening.my sweet baby

As with all nice parks, people will bring their nice dogs to a nice park.  A lady with her Standard Poodle and Miniature Poodle came trotting over with tails wagging towards me and Sam.  The owner was several metres behind and her dogs were NOT ON LEASH.  Sammie, being the usual friendly fellow, welcomed them with happy wagging tail.

WITHOUT WARNING, her Standard Poodle had reached my dog and me and before I could react, he had bitten Sam on the head tearing out his left eyeball.dog attack

Yes when it happened she was shocked.  She and her husband accompanied me to the animal hospital.  They paid all the hospital bills.  SHE CRIED, SAID HER DOG NEVER ATTACKED ANYTHING IN HIS LIFE.  They said they were SORRY.

Yes I remember that they said sorry while Sam screamed and cried all the way to the hospital.  I remembered they said sorry when then the vet told us she couldn’t save his eye.  I remembered they said sorry while I watched him sleeping in his cot whimpering in his sleep.  I remembered they said sorry when I couldn’t make Sam walk.  He peed in his bed and didn’t dare to take a single step for two entire days after he was discharged from hospital.  I remembered they said sorry when he refused to eat, refused to drink, yelped out in surprise everytime I walked by his left side.  They said sorry when I brought Sam repeatedly to the vet because his wounds wouldn’t heal.  Yes I remembered they said sorry when I realised that it was really impossible for me to ever again bring Sam to a doggie cafe, to a doggie run, to the dog beach, to a doggie birthday because everytime I see a dog approach Sam, I just panic.  And while they are probably somewhere out there happily walking their dog all I have are their sincerest apologies for every time that I feel sad whenever Sam gives me a cheeky one-eyed smile.

Sammie too scared to walk after the attack stayed on his cot and peed in it, refusing to go anywhere unless we carried him

If I could go back to that evening almost a year ago, I would do anything to be standing where she was standing, having done anything to prevent her dog from coming near.  I want to stand there in disbelief.  And say that I had NEVER ATTACKED ANYTHING IN MY LIFE.  I want to say that I WAS SORRY.  I was SORRY I hurt your dog.  I was SORRY I couldn’t give you back your dog.  I was SORRY you DIDN’T LEASH YOUR DOG so that this wouldn’t have to happen.

Big dog owners have actually tried to tell me that Sammie might have provoked an attack as logically and calmly as how some people ask rape victims whether they had done anything to trigger an attack.  Do these people go up to parents whose children have been mauled by dogs that their children might have provoked a vicious attack?  No.  They will just say they are SORRY.

How many times have I heard big dog owners say that their dogs have never hurt a fly?  They say that and then when something happens, they add on a sentence: They’re SORRY.  SO SORRY.  So SORRY your child was hurt.  So SORRY your dog was hurt.  So SORRY you were hurt.

I’d rather hear that you were out there and that it was your INTENTION to get someone hurt.  That you liked to see it happen.  That you wanted it to happen and that you were not SORRY that it happened.  That whatever small useless dog or small defenseless child deserved it because they must have jumped on your dog, they must have pulled its ears, they must have been noisy, irritating, something.

That way I’d know that nobody suffered because you were merely ignorant, you were merely stupid, careless, and that every ounce I hate I feel towards you and every legal step I take to ensure that your dog is destroyed was justified.

Leash your dog.  Such a simple act.  That way we can be friends.  We can talk and I can get to know how your large best friend is more love than fur and teeth.  I want to meet you first before your dog, not the other way round.  Then I know that I can trust your dog and you can trust mine.  If all goes well, Sammie could have a friendly giant for a friend and your big dog could have a tiny buddy.

Is that so difficult?  Just a simple clip of the leash.  So many tears need not have been wasted.  And there would not be any need for SORRY.

  1. Lauri says:

    Oh no. Thank goodness Sam wasn’t hurt worse than he was. He looks happy and healthy in the first picture.
    But, damn it, you are SO right. No one knows what their dog is going to do.
    I wish that darn woman had leashed her dog.
    Give Sammie extra hugs and snuggles from me. He is still the most beautiful boy out there.

    • Thank you for your support. Yes my little Sam will always be beautiful 🙂 I just hope sharing this story will help owners to realise how important it is to leash their dogs. Sighs… don’t want anymore tragedies to happen to other people’s best friends before more owners can wise up.

  2. Ooof, that feeling; I sort of know it from when my best friend’s toy poodle got attacked by a german shepherd. Pood ended up with broken ribs and permanent distrust of other dogs, and the bastards that had the sheperd said “sorry” and offered to pay half the bills. I’m sorry that happened to your Sammie! (((hugs to both)))

    • Ouch… .broken ribs! Recovery must have been terrible for the poor poodle! Can’t BELIEVE they had the audacity to even offer to pay only HALF the bills! I hope your best friend took some serious action against them. They don’t seem to think that it’s their fault at all!

  3. cynt5525 says:

    i am so glad sammie is alright now… He’s too cute !!! :)*Cynthia

  4. Drude says:

    So sorry you and Sammie had to go through this. He is such a beautiful little doggie.

  5. Digital Eye says:

    I have two standard parti poodles (1yr 4months old), I have vigorously socialized them, dog parks, construction sites, big dogs, little dogs, tiny dogs, noisy dogs, attacking dogs, loud music, dropping pots and other kitchen stuff, they get brushed by us, massaged by us, babies to old people in wheel chairs. Point is even through all of that I still keep them leashed when not in our back yard, doggie day care or at a leash free park. When at the park I keep a close eye on both of them, if they act the least little aggressive they get a warning. I do not know what the circumstance that invited such a vicious attack. It was not your dog that is for sure, leash aggression is the other way around, your dog attacking the poodle. Unfortunately some people should not have dogs since it is not the dogs fault it is the owners and it is the responsibility of the owner to take care of their animals needs and training. I get a lot of comments on how calm my dogs, are and how well trained they are considering they are still puppies and will be for another 1year and 6months. My two babies where attacked by a pit bull when they were very young but thankfully they have recovered and have little fear of them right now.

    It is really hard to read your story since we all cherish our little fuzz balls so much.

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