Hazing sleepily through the first weekend of shooting after starting a full week of commuting 3 hours daily on the ever popular SBS bus alternating between trying not to collapse on the person next to me and trying not to throw up from all the braking and surging like a small dive boat riding the Fremantle waves, we happily came across a Wide Jawed Viciria, which somewhat resembles a Scorpion.

Wider Jawed viciria (Viciria praemandibularis)

Wider Jawed viciria (Viciria praemandibularis)

The Wide Jawed Viciria comes under the family of Jumping Spiders (Salticidae).  Jumping spiders are a hit with nature photographers.  Wow, they’ll give you a million great poses.  They could scratch their armpits and still look glamorous.  In the photo above, the spider is drumming on the leaf.

The most photogenic spider in the natural world

The most photogenic spider in the natural world

Here our model is looking demure by clasping its “hands” together like a formal portrait while directing its famed “headlights” gaze gently at the camera.  Oh by the way, our model is male.Wider Jawed viciria (Viciria praemandibularis)jpg2

Over here the spider is doing the tango, putting its weight on one side and then quickly on the other side and back again.

Getting ready to jump!

Getting ready to jump!

Our eager model also provides great action shots.  Here it is above, getting ready to do the action that gives the Salticidae its name: JUMP! And jump it did, multiple times onto… my partner’s lens hood.  Look at the back legs bunch up ready to provide it with the force to jump a distance so many times its own body length it’s like us jumping over an entire HDB estate.

Hmmm.... what kind of disguise might this be?

Hmmm…. what kind of disguise might this be?

Other than the typical poses, the Viciria also does this strange yoga like pose when disturbed.  Though I don’t know what on earth it’s trying to mimic.  Wider Jawed viciria (Viciria praemandibularis)ipg3

Next time you’re out wandering in the park, do keep an eye out for this great looking fellow!  It likes to hang out under leaves, literally, just like these good looking fellows of the bat persuasion:bsts


  1. Sunny Chir says:

    Great write up !

    Butterflies are difficult to locate nowadays ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no butts spider also can !! 🙂


  2. Kurt says:

    Nice models. I especially love the cute bats 🙂

  3. the Salticidae are my favourite spiders! The ones we get here are tiny tiny, but still very fun to play with. The bats are gorgeous, how on earth did you manage to get the lightning so perfect in a upside-down shot?

    • Hi! So good to hear from you! The jumping spiders here are tiny too! I used manual mode for the bat shot. I did have to flash them though because of the backlighting! They didn’t seem the least bit disturbed by it. They didn’t even flinch. They did however stare down in wonderment at a large banana leaf we waved at them from where we were standing. LOL. Perhaps their eyesight is not too good….

  4. I missed your pictures! 🙂

  5. Lauri says:

    Oh, I missed commenting on this one! Love the spider! He really is photogenic!
    And the bats are super cute!

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