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My spanking new Lenovo lappie with the hyped solid state drive and core i7 processor has died. 

Silently… in the middle of the night… without so much as a bleep.

So all my photos of those beautiful Korean butterflies are gone.  Because I’d believed in the stability of a solid state drive and didn’t do back up.

The laptop was only 20 days OLD!  To make things worse, I decided it was time to kick in the warranty but when I keyed in the URL (, there was no such website.  When I keyed in, the website was down!

When the laptop was dropped off, they refused to help with warranty registration and after much clarification and confusion, they finally took the laptop in and will let me know about the status in 6 working days.  That’s almost as old as the computer is.

During the first few days, the ATI Visual driver kept crashing.  After the first 10 days, it started to crash but I thought it might just be a software glitch.  After that, it went to sleep and never woke up again.

Those Korea pics were once in a lifetime.  Who knows when I’ll ever go back there again?  I don’t think I can trust another Lenovo laptop ever again!